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Professional Hair Coloring Cream with Beeswax and Vitamin C

The innovative formula of Echoscolor has been studied to reach excellent colour results, it guarantees total grey hair cover and the anti-oxidizing properties of Vitamin C assure long lasting tones. The effective synergy with Beeswax provides natural protection, and carries out a conditioning and softening action to leave hair brilliant and luminous. In order to guarantee high colour stability, reduce the risk of unwanted colour changes and reach excellent results we recommend the use of the Echosline cream oxidizing.


Preparation: ratio 1+1,5 - Superlightener: ratio 1+2 - Tone on tone colouring: ratio of 1+2. The Echosline toners have been formulated to reach excellent results when applied to hair that has been totally decoloured, or with streaks, sun-kissed effects, balayages, contrasts and superlightener colours.

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