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A Clean Beauty Story

– 2020 –

Clean Beauty is the vision guiding Echosline

towards a “less is more” philosophy

“Less” is directed towards a vegan, green and sustainable cosmetics, eliminating all that isn’t essential and natural. “More” is what we receive from nature when we learn to reap maximum benefits from it while fully respecting it. This collection is a story about purity of form, where simplicity of the images is the essential nature of daily life.


Warm brown tones remind us of the earth, warm wood, the forests that embrace us and protect millions of living beings. They make us think about cosiness, shelter, nourishment. They pair with the softness and roundness of the cut and styling, suggesting an everyday neo-romantic wearability.

A fashion proposal of harmony, positive vibrations and warm embraces.

 HAIR: Stylistic Team Echosline
PHOTO: Marco Di Filippo


Warm and cool shades of blond combine for a proposal that brings to mind sand dunes overlooking blue, clear and sunny oceans. This tones pair with the lightness and movement of the bob haircut, just as light as our thoughts and souls are when facing the sea.

A fashion proposal which is both luminous intensity and contemporary dynamism.

 HAIR: Stylistic Team Echosline
PHOTO: Marco Di Filippo

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