NEW LUXURY LOTION for silkier, shinier hair than ever before

The successful expansion of the Seliàr LUXURY line continues with the innovative professional system that totally regenerates dry, dull and dehydrated hair, bringing it back to life and leaving it shiny and silky.

Echosline presents Seliàr LUXURY LOTION, the new intensive brightening, conditioning treatment based on a concentrated complex of 5 Vitamins and Plant Oils.

Thanks to Seliàr, the LUXURY of unrivalled silky softness and shine is within everyone’s reach.

The treatment not only hydrates, conditions and softens the hair without weighing it down; it also seals the cuticle, amplifying the reflection of the light for extraordinary shine.

Thanks to its versatility, Seliàr Luxury can be used:

  • As an extra-hydrating, conditioning and brightening treatment: rinse off the mask, towel-dry the hair and use the dropper to apply the lotion drop by drop all over the hair, massaging the lengths thoroughly, then comb and style.
  • As a daily hydrating and softening treatment: put the lotion onto your hands and spread it gently through locks of dry hair for instant softness.
  • As a protective, conditioning treatment: apply a small amount of product lock by lock on dry hair, before using straighteners.